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Elminate The Risk
The Problem
The Federal Trade Commission reported last year that over 9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft.

The Problem

Our Solution
It is much simpler and faster to use the Hard Disk Crusher than it is to reformat a disk or use a degausser.

Our Solution

HDC Features
Transportable, Standard 110 outlet , 10 second cycle time , Crush over 60 disks an hour.

Hard Disk Crusher Features

Destruction Services
Secure Destruction At Our Location

Destruction Services

Onsite Services
Secure Destruction At Your Location

Visual Verification of Destruction
More Effective Then Formatting, DOD Wiping, Degaussers
and Shredders. On Site Destruction

You’ve got sensitive information on a hard disk that requires decommissioning.

Every day you hear more about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain your private information.

If you throw the computer hard disk in the dumpster, who knows what might happen to all those credit card and social security numbers. Imagine you liabilities.

What should you do? Crush your decommissioned disks with the Hard Disk Crusher Learn More


Watch The Hard Disk Crusher In Action.

Crushed Hard Drive

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